Committed to creating an ecologically enduring society.

Simone Collins designs places of harmony and distinction.

We seek to learn, educate, and inspire others as we:

Conduct careful research

Respect the ecological context and limits of each site

Build on sustainable practices of the past

Employ new methods prudently

Conserve materials and energy

Support local economies, and

Design biologically and culturally diverse communities.

Why we practice


People tend to remember “what” we do for the reason “why” we do it.

The Simone Collins team shares a vision that landscape architecture can help bridge our human needs for connection to each other and our natural world.


Serving with integrity

Our clients know what we do well and seek SC commitment, caring, and candor in our professional service relationships.   

We believe in people to pursue the best ideas which represent our highest values.  

Simone Collins has served in this way for over three decades.